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Meet your neighbors...

It's hard to see value in something we literally don't see.

By getting Eye To Eye with the smaller critters around us, we can start to see them as individuals playing a valuable role in our day-to-day lives & in our environment.

That's the point to the photos I'm sharing with you here.

What we don’t value, we don’t protect.

What we don’t see, we don’t value.

I hope you'll see the critters pictured here, be as amazed by them as I am, start to look for them (or their relatives) in your neighborhood, learn about them, come to appreciate them, and want to do your part to help conserve them & the world we share with them.

I'm counting on it being a simple calculation:

Seeing + Amazement + Learning + Appreciation = Conservation

So...Take a look at the photo galleries in the menu above, & see what you think.

Then take a look around your neighborhood.

Are you as amazed by your neighbors as I am?

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